Sue Taylor

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In high school, Sue wanted to enroll in an Art Class, but because band was in the same time slot, was not able to pursue that course. Her family felt band was a priority at the time, so her desire to learn more about art and be creative was put on hold.

She moved to Wabash at the age of 52, after retiring and having raised her family and was then able to begin her journey into the art world by enrolling in an evening painting class. She shares that her two very talented art teachers introduced her to watercolor painting, which she practices to this day.
Sue says “Art is my outlet to reach my spiritual side.” She feels if she can take a plain piece of paper and do a painting, she’s put her soul there and has done magic. She adds that there are three sides to everyone – body, mind and spirit and in order to be “fulfilled”, all three of those areas must be nourished. She adds that through art, she nourishes her spiritual side.