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I, Sister Doris Market OSB, a Catholic Benedictine nun, abide in
the beautiful countryside of Ferdinand, Indiana at Monastery Immaculate
Conception. I have not always lived here. In 1968 I was asked to help
begin Holy Spirit Monastery in Southern California. I've spent 43 years
ministering in schools and parishes in Riverside, San Bernardino and
Orange dioceses before returning to Indiana.

Wherever I go I encounter God's beauty in so many ways. I grew to love
the multicultural atmosphere and colorful customs of the people. I
miss the beauty of those mountains that always surrounded us,
especially at our monastery in Grand Terrace, the cool ocean mists, and
sunsets on the ocean.

There are so many different plants, each season has it's own variety. Even the dry tumbleweeds have their own subtle beauty. Now I'm enjoying the four seasons and the beautiful naked trees of winter. God's love and beauty truly surround us wherever we are. We are so blessed.

As an artist my goal is to help others see and appreciate the awesome
beauty with which God has so graced us.