Sander Chu

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For Sander Chu, painting is the ultimate form of self-expression, her communication of her truest self to the world. She’s an artist from a family of artists who worked in every style and medium imaginable. Long before she moved towards an abstract style, she had worked in more traditional forms, but ultimately found them unchallenging. A great abstract painter like Sander knows how to follow the rules of color, perspective, composition…because only then do they know how to break them.
Sander starts with a color of a feeling, and then works with those tones and moods to build provocative emotional images that allow the viewer to meet them halfway. Sander has a degree in sculpture, and her attitude towards the emphasis of texture makes her work truly intriguing and interactive to the eye. She will sometimes apply 30 or more layers of paint to a single piece, and uses a pallet knife six to eight inches in length as her primary instruments. For her, this unusual tool creates a feeling of freedom, allowing her to make a big, sweeping strokes that open the imagination wide.