Ryan Bettag

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As long as I can remember I’ve had a love for art and for creating things. As a kid I was always drawing pictures or building something out of cardboard and tape. In school art was my favorite subject and I came close to pursuing a career in art. As I grew older I found work in the local wood manufacturing industry and discovered the art of wood working. Starting out I would typically build items out of scrap wood that I could obtain cheap or free. My first major project about 15 years ago was a set of Adirondack chairs (that we still use today) that I built from the scrap wood leftover from building a friend’s deck on his house. After that I moved on to shelves and other decorative items for my kids bedrooms. I have an uncle who is a master wood carver and he served as an inspiration for me to recently take up carving as well.
I don’t really specialize in any one type of wood working….I enjoy carving, joinery, rustic pieces. In addition to wood working I like to make pottery and enjoy photography. I love any type of work that lets me create. I also like to incorporate crosses or other symbols of faith into my work as a way to show gratitude for the gifts that I’ve been given.
I live in the Ferdinand area with my wife Karen and our three children, Sophia, Jacob and Ruby.