Roger Crews

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Roger started working with wood at the age of 21 when he bought property, cut poplar trees down on that land, and built a small cabin. His love of working with wood came in handy when he took a position at Kimball Piano Factory refurbishing and rebuilding old pianos for the company.

Throughout the years he’s made and sold many products for his family, festival goers, and now Traditional Arts Today including high chairs, wooden toys, a wooden wagon, walking sticks, pop guns, sling shots and swords.
In order to crafting walking sticks, Roger must first hunt small trees with honeysuckle vines that have attached themselves. He removes the vines which can take an extensive amount of time depending on how deeply they’re embedded in the wood. The vines cause deep indentations and twists, which add a unique look to the walking stick.

5 years ago, he began working with nylon and leather and designed a bracelet out of leather which has kept him quite busy due to its popularity.