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We now seem to live in a time where we consume and throw away. I want to change that. I want to create that baby blanket that will be used in the next generation because it’s durable, practical and has meaning.

I also want people to know about the pieces they take home; the name of the weave or even how to care for the fiber treasures i.e. never tie a scarf of rayon tightly as the fiber will fuzz or fray. Just because something is hand woven doesn’t mean you can’t clean it yourself or put it in a washer. Most of my work is machine washable and easy to clean. I design pieces to be functional, durable and practical – not just for show.

My hand woven pieces are made of natural fibers, primarily mercerizes cotton and rayon/rayon boucle. They’re designed using age old techniques of weaving on a hand loom, with natural fibers, using current colors and color combinations to create functional and easy to care for products that are affordable with old world craftsmanship

My business is named after my maternal grandmother Jensine Christensen and my paternal grandmother Mary Trach. Jensine came to this country from Denmark as a young mother and crocheted beautiful table linens by the light of oil lamps on a farm in Northern Minnesota.

Mary came to this country from Russia. Mary’s last name Trach in fact means weaver in Russian. But she is most remembered for her embroidery.

It is by their individual fiber works they are remembered by myself and the rest of the family, and why I choose to weave. I want my pieces to be used, loved and handed down to other generations.