Nancy Stratman

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Nancy is such a multitalented artist it is difficult to write a biography that does justice to her. Her skills range from spinning wool, to working with leather to crocheting angels using the finest of cotton thread. When Nancy and her husband Bill first moved into their homestead they had two sheep named Sam and Gus. Nancy and Bill would shear the sheep themselves, although the sheep might have been a bit embarrassed with their haircuts. Nancy would then card the wool and spin it into yarn. If you haven’t ever felt the lanolin in newly shorn wool, you should give yourself this experience!

When Nancy and Bill opened a shoe store the work on their homestead slowed a little and their attention shifted to other arts. A skilled seamstress Nancy could repair anything people brought to their shop. She has a special talent for working with leather. To advance her leather work skills she attended a boot making school in Utah. Upon her return she applied the skills she learned to making moccasins. Her moccasins were in such demand that she would have to give rainchecks to people interested in buying them as Christmas presents. She would be making Christmas moccasins through June!

Since retiring from the shoe business Nancy has focused her attention on other arts such as making small, stuffed leather animals. She is also the daughter of an expert crocheter and has inherited her mother’s skill in making beautiful crocheted Christmas ornaments and angels. Her work with the fine cotton thread is incredible. She is a generous spirit who also donates to many causes including hundreds of hand crocheted hats to support Native American charities in Wyoming and homeless people in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.