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I’m a mother to two happy healthy young boys, Jackson Lane and Jaymeson Kayde. I’m married to very hard- working man named Darrell, DJ for short. We reside in Shoals, in an area called Willow Valley. Our home sits on top of a very large hill, and that’s where we created the Hilltop name. I own two businesses, Hilltop Photography and Hilltop Candle Shop. I started practicing my candle making in 2015 as a fun hobby. Soon enough I had family members and friends asking me to make them for them. Throughout a course of two years I worked and perfected the recipe I use today. Every single candle is handled and hand poured in the kitchen of my home. My candles are 100% soy. I truly enjoy making candles, I have never considered it work! I adore and appreciate all that pick up and smell or buy my candles. I hope they make you smile!