Martha Feldmeyer

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Martha’s introduction to weaving began years ago as she watched family members create rugs and items on looms. Her family was proud to pass down their skills through the generations and when it came time for her parents to share the art, they found that none of their 3 daughters were interested. Ultimately Martha gave in and began weaving lessons and now is very glad she did. “It’s become a passion and is hard to stop doing it,” she shares. She won’t have to stop since she has plenty of looms to work with – six in all.  She has woven rugs using patterns others have designed however most designs are created by Martha.

Another art Martha specializes in is hand-knitted/wool felted hats. While traveling in Rochester, Minnesota, Martha admired a unique hat her sister was wearing and later found out it was wool felted.  Her sister taught her the process of wool felting and since then, she’s put her own twist on the design, developing her own patterns for hats.