LaVonne Tisdal

When asked how her artistic interest began, LaVonne shared that it was a distant relative, an oil painter who practiced her skill with no electricity while painting on a table easel, that inspired her to learn more about art.

While attending Holland school as a Sophomore, she enrolled in her first year of art studies and then continued art classes each year after that. She made the decision to go to college to further studying art and completed her studies at Kentucky Wesleyan and Indiana State University. 

She was an art teacher at Southridge Middle and High Schools for a combined 34 years and is now retired from teaching. While at Southridge, her desire to continue to learn led her to apply for 2 Lilly Grants which she was awarded, and now adds ‘Lilly Fellow’ to her numerous lists of accomplishments in the art field. The grants were awarded to active teachers to bring new ideas into the classroom. One of the grants allowed her to travel and attend art workshops for her benefit, but also equipped her with more knowledge to share with other artists. 

Another one of the grants allowed her to study the Plein Air approach of painting. Plein Air is a French term for “out of doors” and was popular with famous artists Monet and Renoir. She enjoys setting up in nature to create art, along with other local artists who practice that style as well.

In addition to painting, LaVonne has created pottery during ceramic workshops and also open studio sessions at Oakland City University.