Kyle Eckert

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I am a contemporary impressionist painter from Indiana. On a daily basis I am creating my interpretation of nature and related subjects from memory and photographs. I have been an artist all my life believing the ability to express beauty on canvas is a gift from God to share His beauty He has created for us to connect with each other and enjoy. Color is a very powerful consideration when I construct my oil paintings. I want the color to be harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Some of my painting techniques are to trick the eye using contours painted softly as a whisper. Atmospheric landscape paintings are some of my favorites to create. In diversity to this, there are times when I need to create boldness in the paintings. For this, I will use my large assortment of pallet knives and sculpting tools to convey my vision. One thing I think is so interesting is when people say they can smell the scene in my work and they feel like they are there. The feedback I get from viewers as well encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing, which I feel is something that is real and powerful.