Dianna Page Beck

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My work centers around celebrating the energy and elegance found in most everything in life.  Inspiration can come to me from beautiful scenes I witness in my travels, fallen leaves on the ground, a cracked tea cup, graceful dancers, light streaming through windows or just about anything I encounter. I enjoy providing alternative ways to experience familiar scenes.
I find painting is my method of choice to express energy and emotion however, I often experiment with mixed media to really make a statement. Including a variety of methods and media in the same piece makes the process unpredictable and exciting.  This experimentation is what keeps me coming back to the studio day after day.
My latest series combines my love of history and the beauty of statues. There is a wonderful and simple elegance about ancient Roman and Greek statues. By combining their elegance with vibrant colors and loose brush strokes in my paintings, I give a new energy to the statues and provide the audience with an alternative way to experience them.
Born in Indiana but raised in various states such as Iowa, Texas, Kentucky and Colorado, I eventually settled in Southwestern Indiana. A graduate of University of Louisville in 1993, I worked primarily in the Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing arenas until leaving the corporate world behind in 2015. Now my time is devoted to my family and to being a full time artist and world traveler.  Current works are on display at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science in Indiana in their Working Together Exhibition and at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery in Nevada at their National Small Works Competition and Exhibition.