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I try to see God in everything I do.  It is almost impossible in acrylic fluid pouring to determine how something will turn out.  But I see Him in everything I create.  Each piece has its own story attached to it as I was seeing it before it was completed and after it was finished.  Almost like us.  We all have a story and we can’t determine how it’s going to turn out, but we have Faith in the One who does.  

All the work and speculation can come out as a complete surprise at the end of acrylic pours.  Everyone sees something different in my work.  And what is usually tossed aside after completing acrylic paint art, can be used to making something beautiful.  Much like God does with us.  He can take something or someone tossed aside, misused, or broken and make it beautiful!

I’m interested in sharing my art to advance the kingdom of God.  My relationship with Jesus is so important that anything I can do to express it, I will.  I like to share my story whether it’s in teaching a class, counseling a woman or doing my art.  I am truly blessed. 

We are all gifted with talents and special gifts in our life.  It’s up to us to share with others.  I admire Traditional Arts Today to let each one of us share our gifts with others.