tags and conditions:

"New Arrivals" / Sale items

  • make the "product type" the collection where the item belongs, then add this tag: "New Arrivals"  The condition on the New Arrivals collection includes "tag must be equal to "New Arrivals"".  Only those items tagged with "New Arrivals" will show there, but they will also show in their correct collection.  To remove the item from the "New Arrivals" collection, delete the tag.  The item will still appear in its correct collection.  If there are numerous items of the same type, choose one representative item to appear in "New Arrivals".  
  • The same process will work on the Sale items



code edits:

1/24/2021 - list-collections-template.liquid

added code to hide collections if quantity becomes 0

line 49
{% if collection.products_count != 0 %} <original code> {% endif %}


1/24/2021 - collection.liquid

added VIEW ALL label change

line 65

{{ 'collections.general.view_all_label' | t: collection_name: collection.title }}

1/24/2021 - page.liquid

added a search link using the page title as a parameter.  Only works if the page title (not URL) is the same as the artist's name, so use care in how pages are titled.  This can be defeated for pages that are not about artists.  Append "_" to the page URL (not title) and the code will be skipped.  

line 11: 
{% if page.url contains "/pages/_" %}
{% comment %} if the page has "_" as its first char, do nothing {% endcomment %}
{% else %}
<a href="/search?q={{ page.title }}&type=product" style="color: rgb(0,128,128)"> See all products from {{ page.title }}</a>
{% endif %}


earlier - header.liquid

added PayPal donation button code - line 123


earlier - product-template.liquid 

added lots of code to generate artists names, search buttons, SKU, 


2/14/21 - collection-grid-item.liquid, line 33 - commented original text size (h1) and added smaller size (h4) to allow 5 columns of pictures in collections list